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3rd June 2023


Get ready for something special, epic and one extreme adventure!

We celebrate one of the biggest Gravel events, by giving you this opportunity and personal challenge. 

200 miles on mostly Gravel & dirt roads. We challenge you on the same day, as the Unbound Gravel is ridden in Kansas USA.Epic stuff!

The challenge:

  • The challenge is very simple but also very demanding. 

  • It’s NOT A RACE! This is a RIDE and a personal challenge. (No timing)

  • This challenge is unsupported which means you need to take care of yourself, from the start to the finish. 

  • Start & Finish in Vejle, 7100 DK.

  • We will provide you with a list of the closest shopping and water refill possibilities to the gpx route during the ride.

  • There will be 4 checkpoints, where you need to stamp a special card we deliver to you before you leave the starting point.

  • You can choose to start between 6:00 - 8:00 the 3th June.

  • You can choose to do the challenge in 1 day or pack your bags and bike and do it in 2 days (Bikepacking).

  • You will receive a gpx file to follow. - 

  • You must have all 4 stamps in your card, to ensure your name on the “Finisher Wall”

Finish in 1 day = cut off at 24:00 3th June.
Finish in 2 days = cut off at 17:00 4th June.

Everyone who finishes this challenge, with in the cut off will also get their name on the “Unsupported Gravel Challenge Finisher wall” in the Adventure Cycling Showroom.

To be a part of this challenge you must sign up!

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